Augustus Media Launch New Ramadan Shows On Snapchat Discover

Augustus Media have launched new Ramadan Shows on Snapchat, Ramadan Eats hosted by Rasha Hassan and Ramadan Stories hosted by Khalid Al Awad. Both shows are in additional the regular programming on Snapchat Discover from Augustus Media, with the immensely popular ‘Who’s Crushing Social Media’, which recently surpassed 2 million subscribers, hosted by Abdulmoshing Lafi, and Smashi Gaming show hosted by Ali Baba.


Lovin Saudi Ramadan Eats

SynopsisBringing people & communities together is what makes Ramadan even more special. People do this through food, dining together,  celebrating Iftar. At Lovin Saudi, we’re on the quest to share the best recipes from all nationalities and show what the community has been cooking up from influencers, the Lovin Saudi audience and even us back at HQ! The show is hosted by Rasha Hassan. Watch and subscribe here. 
  • Episodes: 25
  • Launch/End Dates: 3/29-5/24
  • Publishing Schedule: 3x/week on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 

Lovin Saudi Ramadan Stories


SynopsisRamadan Stories returns for a second year after a successful season during Ramadan in 2020. Hosted by Khalid Al Awad, the show runs for two months, before during and after Ramadan covering. During the Holy Month, we bring to life Ramadan Stories. A show that sheds light on what people are doing in the community, from the trending news & shareable moments. Watch and subscribe here.

  • Episodes: 25
  • Launch/End Dates: 3/28-5/23
  • Publishing Schedule: 3x/week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursdays


Recent findings from a research study commissioned by Snapchat highlight how people are planning to celebrate Ramadan in 2021.

We’re seeing changes in the way consumers connect with each other. According to the study, 30 per cent of Snapchatters say that their social/communication app usage will increase during Ramadan 2021 compared to last year’s Ramadan.We can also expect an accelerated change in the way people shop, as 63 per cent of Snapchatters will rely more on social apps to discover and purchase new products or services and 57 per cent are planning to prioritize online shopping via e-commerce websites.

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