Augustus Media Adds 4 New Senior Hires To Bolster Its Content Leadership Across The Region

Dubai, UAE – Augustus Media announces the strategic addition of four senior leads to its regional growing team, enhancing the company’s content leadership and reinforcing its commitment to delivering unparalleled creative solutions. The new hires bring a diverse set of expertise and perspectives to Augustus brands, Lovin and Smashi contributing to its overall growth and expansion across the region – UAE, KSA, and Egypt. 

The addition of such experienced and driven leaders across the board is a sign of Augustus Media’s commitment to being a content-first company as they further strengthen the department as a whole. 

With offices in Dubai, Riyadh, and Cairo, Augustus Media is a multi-award-winning Middle Eastern digital media firm dedicated to adapting and evolving with the ever-changing media landscape. Across 22 Lovin cities and Smashi verticals (Business, Sports, and Entertainment). The company boasts its network growth of 9.3 million across the board, bringing page views up to 5.5 million – through its popular applications, websites, social media platforms, and audio channels. 

Augustus Media welcomes leads across the region;- 

Saima Iqbal – Senior Content Director in Dubai 

Saima brings an impressive track record with 18 years of experience building content teams for renowned brands such as BBC, The Times of India, and Brut. Recognized as one of India’s top 40 content professionals, Samia is passionate about pop culture and has successfully launched branded content offerings, including the viral sensation “Brut Sauce.” Her achievements also include leading a team of India’s top creators to the red carpet at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Under Saima’s leadership, Augustus Media brands are set on a journey of  content enrichment, introducing a new and unique perspective on content. 

“Augustus Media’s growth story is an inspiring one. It’s popularity in the region is a testimony of how media brands can shape the culture of a city and its people. I am looking forward to lead Augustus’ impact in content and building fresh storytelling formats for our audience.”

– Quoted by Saima Iqbal 

Sami Abdin – Content Director in Riyadh 

Drawing upon Sami Abdin’s substantial background in Media and Entertainment Management, where his role as a seasoned Video Editor has granted him extensive experience across all production divisions, Augustus Media is positioned to witness a notable elevation in its production capabilities. Sami’s comprehensive expertise portrays him as a valuable asset, contributing significantly to the enhancement of Augustus Media’s overall production capabilities.

Nada Abdrabou – Content Director in Cairo 

With over 15 years of experience in the media field, Nada started her journey with a passion for journalism and investigative reporting on women-related issues, Nada transitioned to television, contributing to the success of TV shows at the CBC network. Her global insights and expertise in content development make her a valuable addition to Augustus. 

Lubna Hamdan – Senior Editor & Presenter in Dubai 

Lubna began her career at Arabian Business, where she became the magazine’s youngest-ever editor at the age of 25. Her journey includes a brief stint in PR before returning to journalism, contributing to titles like RT and Gulf Business. She also founded her magazine, Frankly, showcasing her resilience and commitment to quality reporting. Lubna’s senior role will advance Smashi’s brand prominence by curating compelling content from the UAE, encompassing diverse mediums such as text, audio, and video. 

“We are a content company first and foremost, leading with IP brands, digital, and a focus on the MENA region. Our content department is the biggest in our company, and we continue to invest in this area. In the age of AI, human capital cannot be underestimated. The right people will embrace the chance the industry is going through, and prepare our business for what lies ahead. In Saima, Sami, Nada, and Lubna, we are confident we have brought on board experience and talented additions that reflect our ambitions to become the leading modern media company in the region.“

– Quoted by Richard Fitzgerald, CEO & Founder of Augustus Media 

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