Augustus Media Adopts Magnite SSP and SpringServe Ad Server for its Smashi Streaming Service

Augustus Media’s business tech and culture streaming service, Smashi, announces that it has expanded its programmatic advertising capabilities by bringing on Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform. This deal includes every channel and format and incorporates the use of the  SpringServe ad server.

SpringServe takes the position as the video ad server for Augustus allowing the media company to holistically manage all their OTT inventory, as well as to connect to various demand partners and bidders to enable and optimize monetization across programmatic and direct activities.

Magnite’s sell-side platform (SSP) facilitates the sale of programmatic ad inventory across multiple channels and formats including CTV, online video, display, and audio.

The overall collaboration offers cutting-edge technology, tools and support to help Augustus thrive and grow its ad business.

Smashi is a live streaming service from the heart of the Arab world, covering the most innovative products, services, and technologies changing our lives. Smashi is a mindset; it’s for the driven, the dreamers, and the doers.

Smashi is a brand that covers topics that matter, with 12 channels including the following; Smashi Sports, Smashi Business, Smashi Health, Smashi Crypto, Smashi Green, Smashi Gaming, Smashi Drives, Smashi Entertainment, Smashi Travel, Smashi Style, Smashi Inspo and Smashi Home. The brand is accessible across all social media platforms. At present, Smashi content has a total of 14M video views with 1.8K videos On-Demand.

The business model behind Smashi sits in between a digital premium linear TV channel and a FAST service where all content will be served with ads and some available only to subscribers. While Smashi is fairly priced, the ads monetization can support maintaining its consistency and quality.

Smashi applications can be found almost everywhere: tvOS, Google TV, Smart TVs supported by Foxxum, Vidaa, Netrange and Tizen, iOS app, Android app and other distribution partners.

Magnite is the world’s largest independent omnichannel SSP. Smashi is set to benefit from its programmatic monetization services. From ad serving and audience management to live programmatic complexities, Smashi is set to implement the most scaled-up technologies in the EMEA region. Magnite will provide Smashi with the opportunity to branch out and grow the Smashi audience efficiently with improved features on all fronts – increasing audience satisfaction and user experience.


“Technology is going to play a huge role in the evolution of streaming advertising and is key to our plans, working with the leading players in this space, Magnite and SpringServe. It makes perfect sense. We believe connected tv and addressable advertising is in its infancy, especially in the MENA region, so we are excited to grow and develop this relationship.”

– Richard Fitzgerald, CEO of Augustus Media 



Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI) is the world’s largest independent sell-side advertising platform. Publishers use our technology to monetize their content across all screens and formats including CTV, online video, display, and audio. The world’s leading agencies and brands trust our platform to access brand-safe, high-quality ad inventory and execute billions of advertising transactions each month. Anchored in bustling New York City, sunny Los Angeles, mile high Denver, historic London, and down under in Sydney, Magnite has offices across North America, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC.

Augustus Media is an award-winning Middle Eastern digital media company based in Dubai and Riyadh and has been designed to adapt and evolve to this perpetually changing media environment.

Lovin’ captures the best of the world around us: what we see, do, think, eat, and drink. Lovin’s mantra is simple: Lovin’ Your Life.

Smashi is a business, tech, and culture streaming service from the Middle East, for the driven, the dreamers, and the doers.

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