Augustus Media Launches “Unspoken” Podcast And More Across Its Brands

Augustus Media, the modern media company known for Lovin Dubai and the business-savvy Smashi TV streaming service has revealed exciting news. 

They are proud to announce the launch of a brand-new podcast called “Unspoken,” in collaboration with renowned hosts Sabine Sassine and Fouad Haidar. In doing so, Augustus Media is producing exciting podcasts across their multiple brands, and continuing to lead the way in providing modern, engaging content to its audience. 

“Unspoken” is a bi-weekly podcast that explores the unspoken truths and secrets that exist in our everyday lives, geared towards millennials and Gen-Zers. Each episode features candid conversations with hosts and a guest who has a unique perspective on the subject matter, together they delve into the topics that often go unspoken in our society.

Sabine and Fouad are boldly tackling topics that are often considered awkward, uncomfortable, or taboo, such as mental health, emotional well-being, and sex education. Their new podcast breaks down barriers with its limitless approach, refusing to adhere to boundaries, borders, or gender stereotypes. With a focus on personal experiences and opinions, listeners are sure to feel heard on this show. As Sabine and Fouad often say, “different people, different opinions,” making their podcast a space for diverse perspectives and open discussion.

The podcast is distributed across all Smashi TV platforms and falls under the Smashi Entertainment vertical. Smashi is a live streaming service from the heart of the Arab world, covering the best events, people and products changing our lives. New episodes of the podcast are released every Friday and are available wherever one gets their daily podcasts.

Guests of the podcast have included names such as Fozaza, Mohanad Al Hamdi, Dr.Costi and Sandra Sahi, who have explored topics ranging from fertility, Arab media censorship, social media expectations and bullying. 

“It’s been a fantastic journey getting to create Unspoken with Sabine and Fouad, with a lot of heart and energy going into its inception. Unspoken is not just another podcast, it’s a platform where barriers are broken, and the unspoken is given a voice. It’s never more been so important to create content that matters and is relevant in today’s society, so having a team that’s leading the conversation has been fantastic.”

Amy Jones, Senior Content Director, Augustus Media 

‘’Unspoken was a necessary creation that both Sabine and I felt the need to unleash after being in the business for quite a few years.

We wanted to bring our skills, our long array of guests, and our energy into a platform that breaks all the taboos in the Arab world, and give a voice for the unheard and the underrated. To us, Unspoken is raw, light, yet extremely moving.’’

Fouad Haidar, Unspoken Show Host

In line with Augustus Media’s focus on in house production, they have also produced a 10 week, 10 episode series ‘MS Talks 2.0’ in collaboration with Novartis. The series brings together experts and members of the community to bring awareness and provide clarity on Multiple Sclerosis. The show goes live in both video and podcast formats across Lovin Dubai platforms, including The Lovin Dubai Show.

All Augustus Media podcasts are accessible on Anghami, Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts.  


About Augustus Media 

Augustus Media is an award winning Middle Eastern digital media company based in Dubai and Riyadh and has been designed to adapt and evolve to this perpetually changing media environment. 

Across Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and Smashi apps, websites, social and audio platforms, Augustus Media has 6 million social media followers, with 1 million monthly readers and they reach every social media user in the UAE at least once per week.

Lovin’ captures the best of the world around us: what we see, do, think, eat and drink. Lovin’s mantra is simple: Lovin’ Your Life.

Smashi is a business, tech and culture streaming service from the Middle East, for the driven, the dreamers and the doers.


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