Augustus Media Move Into 12,000sq. ft Multi Purpose Studios In Dubai Production City

Augustus Media announces the launch of its modern media studios, Augustus HQ. As the company thrives and continues to grow, there is an opportunity for change and development. 


The office is adapted to fit the growing Augustus Media team and build the brand as the ultimate production hub within the region, with its latest studio space. 

The studios include a VR room, podcast room, dark and light-themed studios, as well as two studios with complete access to advanced technologies for content production. 

Augustus elements are presented across the space to keep the atmosphere interactive and visual, including Lovin Dubai and Smashi branding. Inspirational quotes and other elements of Augustus, The Roman Hero, are spread across the office to sustain the innovative and inspiring environment that we thrive to have. 



Richard Fitzgerald, CEO of Augustus Media:

“The formats that will drive media consumption of the future are being created now, to fulfill our mission of being the modern media company of choice in the Middle East, it’s important for us to have the facilities, and expertise to be equipped to deliver on that promise.

In Dubai Production City, we found the right partner for us as part of Dubai Media City, and it’s a commitment to our belive that Dubai will continue to be a media capital for the region”.

Augustus Media partnered with Consul for interior design and architecture on this project, and Mediapreseun for the production equipment, and cloud-based systems, along with Motif for the fit-out and construction.  

Reyes Ali, Managing Director, Motif 

“Augustus Media was previously located in a high-rise busy commercial tower. As their team grew, they wanted to have a more flexible and urban workspace with lots of collaborative areas; better-looking furniture and most importantly sound-proof studios from where they’re broadcasting daily. 

Together we delivered a modern office that fosters collaboration and promotes wellbeing – natural light, ergonomic furniture”

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