Becoming A Lovin Partner

Have you ever wanted to own your own media company? Under the ‘Lovin Brand’, Augustus Media have created a partnership model across territories. The opportunity is to create a local news media outlet in your own City, as a new business entity. The new entity will live alongside the existing ‘Lovin’ entities in the Middle East including Lovin Dubai, Lovin Abu Dhabi, Lovin Sharjah, Lovin Riyadh, Lovin Jeddah, Lovin Saudi and Lovin Isloo. 

Lovin is a local news and lifestyle brand that holds a strong belief in presenting a positive view of its city, town, country or community. Across Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and Smashi apps, websites, social and audio platforms, Augustus Media has 6 million social media followers, with 1 million monthly readers and they reach every social media user in the UAE at least once per week.

The new Lovin entity will be commercial, with both direct to consumer and brand marketing offerings. It will be predominantly a digital platform on web, apps, and social media platforms. 

Becoming a business partner provides the opportunity for someone to set up and run Lovin in their own city, as their own business. 

The “Ideal” Lovin partner could be a blogger, media person, journalist or a business oriented person that will lead the business, content side while establishing the brand locally. Additionally, the Lovin partner will set up an office and team to develop both content and commercial aspects of the business. 

Augustus Media and local partner joint venture will follow a set of roles and responsibilities that allow opportunity for freedom, autonomy, mutual benefits and business development in terms of the Lovin brand within the location.

The location can be a city, region, or country, within the following territories: Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, Iran and Iraq. However, the location is not limited to the current live ‘holding’ pages. 

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