Lovin Dubai Launches In 6 New Cities Including Lovin Doha, Lovin Cairo and Lovin Bahrain

Augustus Media, the modern media company behind Lovin Dubai and Smashi TV streaming service has announced the launch of ‘Lovin’ in several cities across the MENA region including Doha, Cairo, Bahrain and Khartoum. This brings a total of 16 live Lovin websites and social media platforms, as sole owners of the Lovin IP present across the region. 

The core-millennium focused news and entertainment brand ‘Lovin’ is currently based in UAE, KSA and Pakistan. With Augustus Media’s consistent growth and partner opportunities across territories, the ‘Lovin’ brand is set to launch sharing the best of its city, community and culture on July 1st. 

Lovin Dubai started its journey in September 2015, with an audience-first approach celebrating Dubai and sharing its culture, reaching 100,000 Facebook fans in its first year of being live. In its 15 months of launch, Lovin Dubai reached 7 million video views. Today, Lovin Dubai has over 5m social media followers, and Augustus Media brands surpassed 1 billion video views in 2021. 

“We are all extremely excited to welcome new cities, the Lovin brand is all about informing using bitsize news, viral content and community stories, and we can’t wait to see more of those in new places.”

Richard Fitzgerald, CEO & Founder Augustus Media 

In light of the growth in media consumption in the MENA region, Lovin will be live in the following countries;


With the latest Augustus Media owned launch of Lovin Doha, Qatar is a new and exciting opportunity, as the world comes together to celebrate the well-awaited and celebratory FIFA World Cup 2022. Lovin Doha is set to present all things news, community and positivity during its festivities season. 


Augustus Misr launched last year with a content and web development team based in Cairo, with a prime focus on building on Smashi verticals and smart apps. The team is set to bring ‘Lovin’ to life in Cairo. With Lovin Cairo in Egypt, the brand will cover community stories, the world of ancient Egypt and culture on the right platform at the right time reaching a population of 51.45 million active social users. 


Lovin Bahrain will be managed by Augustus KSA, established in 2017. The brand will capture the best moments and share the latest news, updates and all things fun, highlighting the thrilling season of F1 in the city. 


With the “Become a Lovin Partner” and joint venture opportunity, Augustus Media welcomes Lovin Sudan partner, Sara Waddah, owner of Block Media in Sudan. Digital editor and social media manager, Sara and her team will be live on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tiktok with Lovin Khartoum catering to a dynamic 14.1 million social users. 

“We’re so excited to be launching Lovin Khartoum: A brand that is all about Lovin’ Your Life and appreciating the world around us is exactly the type of content that our city needs after the last few years, and we’re so proud to be a part of it. With that being said, we’re really excited to be presenting the best of our communities on this platform, and look forward to continue growing our fanbase nation-wide.”

Sara Waddah, Lovin Khartoum Partner & Block Media Founder in Sudan


With the launch of Lovin Isloo in 2021 with Lovin PK joint venture, audiences in the country have gained a positive sentiment to the nature of the Lovin brand and partner, Bilal Syed and the team will be live on Lovin Lahore and Lovin Karachi capturing the cities best moments. 

“Lovin Isloo has been such a wild success in terms of people understanding the concept of positivity within the local environment, that it has now caused a ripple effect within the region. Now, we believe this is the best time to reach out and take the momentum to further expand positivity in the media tech industry within other cities, hence, Lovin Lahore and Lovin Karachi.

These three cities are significant cities in Pakistan and have so much potential to show all the goodness they offer. People are generous, supportive, kind, helpful, and want to empower the local businesses. By running Lovin in these three cities we’re able to do a fantastic job in ensuring people know how awesome their city can be!”

Bilal Khan, Lovin PK Partner & CEO 

About Augustus Media
Augustus Media is an award-winning Middle Eastern digital media company based in Dubai and Riyadh and has been designed to adapt and evolve to this perpetually changing media environment. Across Lovin Dubai, Lovin Saudi and Smashi apps, websites, social and audio platforms, Augustus Media has 6 million social media followers, with 1 million monthly readers and they reach every social media user in the UAE at least once per week. Lovin’ captures the best of the world around us: what we see, do, think, eat and drink. Lovin’s mantra is simple: Lovin’ Your Life. Smashi is a business, tech and culture streaming service from the Middle East, for the driven, the dreamers and the doers.


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